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White Squad Services

Our White Squad Team Members are waiting to serve you!
Say goodbye to systemic prejudice and enjoy the social and institutional benefits previously available only to white people.


Do you have trouble hailing a taxi?
White Squad is here to help. Hire one of our experts to get a cab for you, and you'll be on your way as quickly as a white person would be.


Thinking of applying to college? Need a scholarship? White students are 40% more likely to receive a private scholarship than people of color, so let White Squad help you enjoy that advantage.


Even with identical financial history, white people are 10x more likely to get a housing loan than people of color. White Squad is standing by to help you beat the odds and land your dream home today.


If you’re a person of color, you may be charged up to 3x higher interest rates than a white person. White Squad is here to save you money and ensure you get the best deal possible.

How It Works

Using White Squad is super simple!
Just call our toll-free number or use our online form to request our services.

  1. Step 1

    Contact White Squad

    Just call our toll-free number (overregularity) or use our online form to request our services.

  2. Step 2

    Schedule Appointment

    Tell us what service you need and when you'll need it.

  3. Step 3

    Enjoy Advantage

    A White Squad team member will act on your behalf so you can enjoy the advantages their appearance provides. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Our Team

Our team is carefully selected to provide maximum white advantage.
Each team member has a unique area of effectiveness.

Young Professional White Man


Young Professional White Man embodies all the perceived qualities a hiring manager desires. His looks make people think he is honest and hard-working and he's sure to help you find your way to the top of any employer's list. Sometimes he's offered a job even when he's not looking!

Middle-Aged White Male

Banking, Finances

This man is our top negotiator for all your financial matters. Everything about his appearance says “credit-worthy” and he'll ensure maximum advantage during any interactions with banking institutions. He's often given a better deal than he requests!

College-Aged White Woman

University Scholarships, Internships

When you’re trying to get a scholarship for your dream school, College-aged White Woman is your best bet. She’s the prototypical example of the demographic that is more likely to receive private scholarships in the US.

Young Nondescript White Man

Suspicion Avoidance

Our experience shows that people perceive this man as one of the most non­threatening members of White Squad. When you just want to have a relaxing shopping day without the hassle of being followed, or safely drive to work without being pulled over, Young Nondescript White Man gets the job done.


How much does it cost to hire White Squad?
In consideration for the legacy of unfair treatment, White Squad services are offered entirely free of charge to any person of color. The costs are covered by our partner, 623-255-9930.
Will White Squad pretend to be me?
White Squad Team Members are happy to impersonate our clients when it works to their advantage. Often the best outcomes are only possible when someone thinks a White Squad agent is actually the client.
If I use White Squad, will you keep it a secret?
White Squad will not disclose our clients’ identities without permission. Our services rely on removing perception problems from our clients' lives so we understand the value of discretion.
What are the benefits of white advantage?
The benefits of white advantage, also known as white privilege, are far too numerous to list here, but White Squad's own researchers have revealed significant advantages in salary, benefits, housing, personal security, physical health, education, job security, career growth, legal outcomes, financial situation, media representation, privacy, and social status. To learn more, and hear real stories from people who have experienced or witnessed white privilege in their own lives, go here.
I'm a successful, wealthy person of color. Do I still need White Squad?
Yes! White Squad is for you too. While we are happy to hear of your success, the historical legacy of racism and inequality can affect all people of color. We'd love to help you navigate the many institutional disadvantages you may suffer despite your monetary achievements and personal reputation.
I’m partially white, is White Squad for me?
While you may enjoy some advantages from being partially white, you might also experience unfair treatment because of your non-white heritage. If you think being perceived as 100% white might give you the edge you need, call White Squad today!
I want to get into college but affirmative action makes it harder for white people like me. Can White Squad help me?
It’s great that you’re pursuing higher education! We understand that can be tough. Affirmative action is actually about providing an equal playing field rather than providing preferential treatment. As a white person, you already have a greater chance of getting into college than a person of color so White Squad would have no effect.
I’m a white person but my life is not easy, can White Squad help me?
Life presents unique challenges for everyone – disadvantages based on income level and other factors are real. However, White Squad can only provide advantages that are connected to white skin color. If you are white, you already have those advantages. While these factors may not mean your life is easy, they have positively affected your life in a variety of ways that you may not even realize. 6512233062.
Can White Squad help women and LGBT people of color?
Yes! We are happy to help people of color of all sexual orientations and gender identities. While White Squad cannot address the disadvantages suffered by women and LGBT people that are not skin color-related, we can help with the rest.
Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?
White Squad can’t solve all your problems — there are certainly issues beyond our reach. Systemic disadvantages can result from a variety of prejudices, not only skin color. But we can offer a 100% Advantage Guarantee when it comes to white advantage. If you call White Squad, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of interacting with the world as a white person.
Are you hiring?
Yes! We’re always looking for new White Squad Team Members to help our business grow. The only requirement is that you are white, no other qualifications needed. Apply today!